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Swansea University

Student and Staff Wi-Fi

Device Registration

Students/Staff are required to register each device for use on the WiFi networks at Swansea University.

Please connect to SwanseaUni-Setup WiFi network to register device where possible.
Registration Form
12 character MAC Address required seperated by : or -

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The eduroam network is a wireless network for Student/Staff laptops/PC's/Mobile Phones, which makes use of more secure and efficient technologies than the SWIS-Play network. The service uses WPA/WPA2 encryption and 802.1x authentication. Eduroam supports a wide range of devices, and should be used by everything except gaming devices and internet-of-things styled devices.

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Visitors should connect to the SwanseaUni-Visitors Wi-Fi network which is for non academic users and has much more restricted access than eduroam. Click here for more information.

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Play network for games consoles, wifi devices such as Amazon Echo/Dot etc. This network does not have the security features of eduroam, and is aimed at gaming and internet-of-things devices. It uses the same level of security as a home network with a shared password.

To register fill out the registration form above and set device type to Gaming or Other.



The eduroam network is available in all buildings at the Singlelton and Bay Campus. All university residences have eduroam coverage. The SwanseaUni-Play network is not available in the Bay Campus Residences. The SwanseaUni-Visitors network is available at most locations at each campus, except residences.

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